ok two things :)

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ok two things :)

A friend of mine was telling me this just now online: Next time you engage an apologist, tell them you're god. When they reply no you're not. Ask them why?


here is an exceprt from my brothers blog:

Aside from God being benevolent and omnipotent, many Christians also believe that God is also omniscient. A common counter-argument is that God is both able and willing to prevent evil, but chooses not to because in order to be fair he gave us Free-Will. However, God being so omniscient would know before he even created me what decisions I would make. He would know before hand that I would cause pain onto others or that I would simply just make "wrong' decisions out of my own "free-will" in life and therefore because of that end up burning in hell. But he still chose to create me anyway. Now, how could a such a benevolent being create a living creature make it so sensitive to pain and allow for it to suffer in life and then allow for it to suffer even more after life in a lake of fire for eternity!! This is NOT the action of a benevolent being. And if God is omnipotent then he could have created an even better and much more "fair" system rather than simply giving us "free-will" alone for us to go about and "enjoy" our lives. In this case, if God is omnipotent or omniscient then he is by no means benevolent. If God is benevolent then he cannot be omnipotent or at least omniscient. It is not possible for God to be omnipotent, omniscient, and benevolent all at once. And if God just lacks even one of these characteristics, then why should he be worthy of worship?

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That's how I got the

That's how I got the "goddess" suffix that I use with my nick in chat rooms. In order to show people flaws in their arguments, I would claim to be a Goddess and make the same arguments about me being a Goddess that they used for themselves. It became a pretty versatile tool - if I needed scriptures, it was ok, I would simply claim to be the Aztec Goddess Coatlicue (AKA Teteoinan) or Chalchiuhtlicue who are both written about in famous aztec codecs. Coatlicue is my favorite one, the goddess of childbirth, she's a more convincing character. although Chalchiuhtlicue can be more fun due to her association with some of the more interesting blood-letting rituals (rituals can become another important aspect of such debates). After using that method and having a few very amusing conversations as a result, other people in one chat room I used to visit in particular started referring to me as a "goddess" rather than regularly using my screen name, so I just added it on.

Anyways ...