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The Nativity Story on

There are some decently intelligent theist vs. atheist debates in this thread, among others.

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by tekbarrier 6 days ago (Thu Nov 30 2006 18:26:00 )
UPDATED Thu Nov 30 2006 18:28:23

A question for atheists:

If you reject religious beliefs and you don't believe in any god(s), what keeps you going? What I mean is, how do you not get really depressed and just feel like ending your lives? What gives you a reason to keep going?

And I'm asking a serious question here, so I'd like some specifics, not dumb answers like: "laughing at the stupidity of Christians gets me through my day. LOL!!!!!" I'd like some real insight into ways an atheist can cheer themselves up in such a dreary world with such a depressing, cynical outlook.

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