Enlisting the help of my fellow freethinkers

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Enlisting the help of my fellow freethinkers

Hey everyone,

I'm Ken. I am the VP of the Campus Freethought Alliance (an affiliate group for the Center for Inquiry) at the University of Central Florida. We are in the building stages of our organization. Because we have limited member resources, I am in need of some assistance.

I created a group at http://www.thefacebook.com to help advertise our group. One of our members is a creationist who likes to argue 'creation science' in details and technicalities. All of our prospective members read his posts.

I argue with him (in a kind fashion) as often as I can, but my (self-proclaimed) expertise lies in philosophical arguments. My knowlege of evolutionary biology and dating techniques is minimal. If anyone is interested in helping out the CFA, I could use your help in responding to his posts with some evolutionary expertise, and we would be glad to have you in our group. I feel that if prospective freethinkers visit our site, they should see a good counter-argument to creationism.

Here is the address of our Facebook group (you will need to register for a facebook profile): http://ucf.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2219642055

Thanks everyone!