Will resuscitation techniques disprove the existence of the soul?

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Will resuscitation techniques disprove the existence of the soul?

How spiritualists will explain it away? Where does the soul hang on until the body comes back to life? What stories will people tell after being dead for years?

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Obviously, since god knows

Obviously, since god knows whether one will be resuscitated or not, she will not take that soul into her heavenly queendom until that person is dead-dead-dead. Since the soul's perception of time is completely based off of the body and mind's perception of time, it will never know the difference between one year of "death" and 10 minutes of "death." The soul is not present in the body nor the mind, and cannot be found anywhere within the universe. It lies in the spirit-world, another cross section of our multidimensional universe.

More interesting, I think, is the rationalization for the soul. Destroying the corpus callosum divides the brain in two, producing two different personalities in the same body. One can be atheist, the other can be theist, and can differ on all sorts of subjects. So what, then, is the soul? Does one half of the brain go to heaven and the other to hell?

I, for one, think that when I die I'm going to the eternal paradise of a like-minded she-god, where her and I will populate a new universe. Bow-chicka-bow-bow.

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That's why I pray to the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Beer volcano and a stripper factory for me, thank you very much. My soul is already drunk in anticipation for the beer flowing like, well, beer and a bit piqued about the strippers.

Resuscitation is a problem, but no more than the fact that a bit of that beer will effect how we think, feel, etc, when these are supposed to be things that are not physiologically based. I mean, if the brain is responsible for feeling, thinking, etc, then what does the soul do? And if it is just there, then in what way do we continue in any conscious way.

I've not heard satisfactory answers to these questions.


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