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I'm reading a journal article in the Pacific Sociological Review titled The Heathen Canadians. I just came across the following paragraph, which might be of interest to some of you:

Technically, the most precise term for persons who have no faith or religion is "nullifidians." This esoteric term includes both "atheists," who deny the existence of God, and "agnostics," who hold that the existence of God is unknown and unknowable. The use of the term "unbeliever" is imprecise, in that unbelief must be defined always from the perspective of a category of belief. "Thus, from the perspective of Christian belief, a non-Christian would be an unbeliever, as would a non-Communist from a Marxist perspective" (Glock, 1971: 57). Similarly, although the term "skeptic" is close in meaning, it usually refers to someone who doubts a particular religion rather than religion in general. Likewise, although an "infidel" is literally an unbeliever, in common usage it refers to someone who does not accept a particular faith, usually the Mohammedan faith."

I confess to being unfamiliar with the word nullifidian, so I looked it up.

(adj) : Of no faith; also, not trusting to faith for salvation
(n) : A sceptic; an unbeliever

It's an interesting word, don't you think? I'm tempted to use it, but I fear that it's a bit too indulgent.

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Im happy with anti-christ.

Im happy with anti-christ.

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Nah. It just doesn't have

It just doesn't have the same 'shock' value after you've helped someone many times and then they find out that you're an atheist.

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And it sounds like one of

And it sounds like one of those made up scientology words.