Instead of "Faith Based"

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Instead of "Faith Based"

I read somewhere a while ago a suggestion. You know how when the religious right tries to violate the constitution they often use the prefix "faith based?" It was suggested to instead use "superstition based" or "mythology based." What do you think?

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If we could get one of them

If we could get one of them to stick, it would annoy a lot of people and possibly get a few to think about it.

In recent conversations with people I know, it seems that any attempt would be takin as being obnoxious. These are people who, despite not being religious nor in particularly believing in a God, simply feel we should leave them alone.

These are the people that really need to read Dawkins, but refuse to because they don't want to be evangelized to by anyone.

I get frustrated by other atheists i know (but they would never want to be called so!) who are content to allow "faith-based" activity go on all around them and say I'm the one being evangelical.


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None of those would work.

None of those would work. Superstition to some christians denotes something demonic in nature. Mythology , well pretty self explanatory. They certainly don't believe its all made up.