Canada reconsidering religious freedom

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Canada reconsidering religious freedom

Western countries rethinking multiculturalism

Vancouver Sun
Published: Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Canada is a country that welcomes its immigrants, a fact confirmed again this week in a new Environics poll.
But growing unrest in host countries such as Britain, France, Germany and Holland which have large immigrant Muslim populations, is causing many Western democracies to rethink their commitment to the concept of multiculturalism.

The Trudeau Foundation, in its third national conference on public policy, is asking whether Canada might be next. This year’s gathering, beginning Thursday in Vancouver, looks at whether Muslims and non-Muslims can co-exist in Western societies.

“All immigrants have an adjustment to make and all host societies have an adjustment to make,” says the foundation’s interim president and conference host, Frederick Lowy. Lowy, until recently the president of Concordia University in Montreal, said a key question for the conference is whether our tolerant Canadian society will eventually head in the same direction as Europe’s ethnically conflicted democracies.