Robert Ingersoll

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Robert Ingersoll

How many of us have read his works? I have read a lot - he was so awesome for the 19th Century. I read Some Mistakes of Moses, Why I am a Freethinker, and a few short articles. I also read the "Best of" Book and his Biography "American Infidel." Just wonder who else read his works and what you thought. I also listened to the podcast of his writings that is available on I-tunes.

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I subscribe to the Robert

I subscribe to the Robert ingersoll podcast. it's some guy (whose name escapes me right now) reading Ingersoll's lectures and podcasting them. I really enjoy listening to them.

I find it interesting that he was so popular in the late 19th century, especially in the US. We should have someone like him lecturing now and drawing the kinds of crowds he did. However, that 19th century religious criticism died out due to associations of atheism with Communism and other factors. With the RRS, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, etc around, we might be seeing the resurgance of this type of criticism in our culture, I hope.

So, how long until someone like Sapient starts a lecture circuit?



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