Short POR letter Posted in March/April 08 Issue of The Humanist

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Short POR letter Posted in March/April 08 Issue of The Humanist

  No Umbrella Needed Here!
by Adam C. LaMonica


From the March/April 2008 issue of The Humanist:

While I like the idea of trying to be more inclusive and less “threatening” with an umbrella term like “post-theological,” (“The Post-Theological Umbrella,” January/February 2008) I wonder if it is a constructive step in the right direction. Should we continue to cloak ourselves in ambiguous terms in an effort to appeal to a prejudiced society?

Whether we are to act under the banner of humanists, skeptics, rationalists, freethinkers, or post-theologicals, people will see through to the core of what these titles truly lack: a god belief.
For example, I could easily hear the question asked as, “So are post-theologicals atheists?”
Some of us wish to mask our atheism in order to appease those afraid of the dreaded a-word and I can understand that. It is difficult to say if this attitude will do more harm than good in the long run. Regardless, all non-theists must cooperate, speak up when necessary, and get involved in putting a positive face on atheism.

Adam C. LaMonica


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