Dr. Snelling ''proves" earths age @ 6-7000 years!

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Dr. Snelling ''proves" earths age @ 6-7000 years!

In the Answers Research Journal Dr. Andrew Snelling has revealed “proof” that formation of granitic magmas are only 6-7000 years old.


“The timescale for the generation of granitic magmas and their subsequent intrusion, crystallization, and cooling as plutons is no longer incompatible with the biblical time frames of the global, year-long Flood cataclysm and of 6,000–7,000 years for earth history. Though partial melting in the lower crust is the main rate-limiting step, it is now conjectured to only take years to decades….”

So there you have it… Conjectured! How’s that for a creationist manipulating “scientific” rhetoric.

“Thus the sum total of time, from partial melting in the lower crust to crystallization and cooling of granitic plutons emplaced in the upper crust, no longer conflicts with the biblical time frame for earth history, nor is it an impediment to accounting for most of the fossil-bearing geologic record during the global year-long Flood catastrophe.”

Based solely on the Book of Fables (bible), how scientific!

“The growth of large crystals from magmas within hours has now been experimentally determined, ….and cooling of the granitic plutons only took about 6–10 days.”

I’m not a geologist by any means but I do have a grasp of the Scientific Method. So I ask those of you with a Geology background to explain, if possible, how this “experiment” could have possibly been performed.

It’s abhorrent that Snelling with a geological “education” cannot think outside the box of Genesis. His rationalization is only surpassed by his blindness to the true scientific method. The downside of this recent publication is that xians will, of course, buy this bullshit!

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