Atheism bless the inquisition ?

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Atheism bless the inquisition ?

Well you may not believe this however I cane up to this rationalization while being in a discussion. The discussion involved theism being genetically and I mention the only theist gene being schizophrenia and alike .

While this is completely irrelevant the point is this in the bronze age and before Christianity and the first corporation (catholic church ) people used to believe different crazy mystical things (schamans). People with mental disorder were properly regarded to have a special link to the spirit world or something.

However with the start of the middle ages we hade a organized obedience to the CEO (pope) and only one source of spirit truth.

People with shizo were regarded for demon possessed and to be quickly to eliminate (torture , inquisition).

Out of this systemized process of approval we got a eugenics like program (we eliminated mentally ill ) and alternative information source suppression. Se we get a peaty nice set of people ether :

-Pretending to believe but don’t give a fuck

-People believing hallucinations to be evil demons and destroying potential theology sources.

- Believers in a faith where not personal believe or experience counts however acknowledgments of the authority of the CEO

Do to the sometimes changing nature of the dogma the CC never intended its followers to be to interested in its books and every thing supposed to be passed by word of mouth. The reading of the bible in a language that the people cudent possibly understand comes in mind .

I think this system destroyed some good knowledge however it destroyed the harmful sources of mysticism as well.

And ase more I think of it were it possible for rationality and the enlighten to emerge without the middle ages ?

Let the discussion start.

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I don't think there's any

I don't think there's any evidence that schizophrenia is genetic (or that the ability to believe in myths is either)...

 As a result, religious eugenism might be far-fetched. It's true that having a moral authority that was over kings had a stabilizing impact over society. That might have also eased the relations between european countries and prompted the Enlightenmnent.

 But most philosophers didn't believe in god and thought religion was a prison of the mind. They believed in the good will of man and his ability to act.

 The inquisition mainly affected Spain, and you'll notice that few philosophers of the 18th century were Spanish...

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Thank you for your

Thank you for your responses. Maybe I asserted schizophrenia to be genetic however I mentioned the elimination of sources to be a major factor to.


Maybe the title is misleading , the point is if you eliminate information/dogma sources (people) not many people are going to know this information.

To give a practical example imagine the banning and destruction of books in the times of the middle ages or the destroying of child pornography in our time. You see the result is the same (not many people are going to be able to see it  )and completely non genetic think of it in a Orwellian 1984 style.



The main point would be that the CC didn’t respect alternative bereaves contrary to the ancients. To make the point a little modern think of the postmodernism movement claming every ferry tale is real and equally true. You see even if in the ancient times there were people who tooth rationality there were many who clamed that other believes are equally true like Farris/gods .


To make it even more polarized remember the native Americans I might argue the only reason thy never developed a civilization or technology where the fact that they accepted practical every believe (the chapmen is not chlorinating he entered the spirit realm ! Don’t you believe that he believes in  this !). And If a person comes with a alternative theory and mental disorder he can end up claming to have equal rights to tell his version of the story (ID and creationism).


The main point is the sometimes peaceful (not the intuition) insistence on 1 truth and criticism of other (demon possession). And if one individual comes along and climes to have divine revelations he will be labeled demon possessed/heretic  or a charlatan/mentally_ill in more advanced periods of time  .


And remember the main point is the CC in the middle ages didn’t enforce  religiousness (the present didn’t understand the bible ) but obedience (in the pope) so every strong believer would get wiped out during the next dogma restart (new ideas from the pope ).


To sume it up :

Maybe in the ancient times people respected true believes however some were equally entitled to tale their version of the story (zuse creating thunder). And their lacked criticism.

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Asimov wrote: I don't

Asimov wrote:

I don't think there's any evidence that schizophrenia is genetic

Twin studies demonstrate that schizophrenia is genetic.... a genetic propensity plus an environmental wound = schizophrenia.

Estimates of the heritability of schizophrenia tend to vary owing to the difficulty of separating the effects of genetics and the environment although twin studies have suggested a high level of heritability.[45] It is likely that schizophrenia is a condition of complex inheritance, with several genes possibly interacting to generate risk for schizophrenia or the separate components that can co-occur leading to a diagnosis.[46] Recent work has suggested that genes that raise the risk for developing schizophrenia are non-specific, and may also raise the risk of developing other psychotic disorders such as bipolar disorder.[47] [48]

From wiki.... take a look at the DSM IV as well.

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