The secret of pentecostalism

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The secret of pentecostalism

Does someone can explain why from the 1800(or whatever the exact year/period), the evolving of this sect (into the modern evangelical)have produced so many proselytes, specially in the last 30 years although the new scientific discoveries, in a country like the USA?I know, after the proselytes continued thx to the missions in mexico, africa, south america etc, where we know, the popular rate of ignorance and superstition is unfortunately high. Surely i don't mean which those countries have just a totally dumb populace...but we all see what's happening...and the major pretense to feel themself in the right way it's just the conversion explosion of recent times...I mean: can exist so many stupid, ignorant, closed-minded people to give way to religion?And especially to that extremist bewildering religion!

I always feel seriously sick when i think to every that teocon, born again, "self-styled good samaritan" who have in their hands the role of the world, the bridles of the most powerful state in the world, and above all they have the revealed, cosmic, irrevocable, unexceptionable, divine truth!!It's very alarming...

That seems to be one of that numerous conspiracy theories...for the world domination...more than Freemasonry XD

Seriously, there is no way to stop it...religion is a full "self-protecting" system...totally crazy itself, but strong for the fellows.

No scientific evidence can convince the options are just 2

1- all the facts in the gospels/bible are true, satan is blinding us with every our skeptical reasoning, and so their many proselytes are the proof

2- the human brain is just a totally fucked up-gray-gelatinous piece of meat, more easy to being corrupted than to follow a reasonable way of thinking...

I fear to know the right any cases, this is a really sad reality...



If God exist....must clarify me many doubts... <<(darwin)><

"Religion is an insult to human dignity. Without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.