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I am a Bit  pissed off at the moment.

XXXXX;<<Some dood on another forum wrote:
Thank you Brian for cleaning this up. It's sad to see people so disrespectful of the freedoms this campaign is fighting for.

That is funny....... The FIRST AMENDMENT gives us the FREEDOM OF SPEECH.. You just thanked him for TAKING AWAY THAT RIGHT.

Do you think before you post ?


The first quote is what the guy said the second is what i replied to him about. He thanked him for removing posts that were calling for removal/moving the original thread to a appropriate forum area...........Censorship 


Let me explain what the bullshit is about, On Another forum some guy posted the fact that a Mormon religious leader just died. ( Gordon B. Hinckley) In the post he made he is asking for everyone to bow down and say how sorry they are etc.

The Forum sections rules explicitly state that Threads like this one were not allowed in that forum. And yet the ADMIN decided to BAN a few people because they were yelling that the thread shouldn't be where it was and hould be bloody movied to the appropriate forum area. (I was not baned .. But i came close to being banned) 

The Admin's name was Bryan , And while i agree that forums are PRIVATE and not under the USA Constitution or laws. The statement this guy made was just totally bullshit. And the Admins actions were Biased towards this Mormon nutjob.

The fact that it was a religious nutjob that died and that fact was posted on those forums wasn't what had me/has me pissed off. It is the fact that these people are making 1 persons death seem more fucking important then the thousands and thousands of other people who died today. That is what pisses me off the most .

Where the hell do these people get off thinking this Gordon B. Hinckley, guy is more important then my Father who died from cancer. I doubt very much if i made a thread in that same section saying my father died from cancer it would remain in that forum.

dammit this pisses me off.. I wouldn't really had a issue if the OP had put it in the right forum. Grrr 



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I think you'll see that

I think you'll see that occasionally people post the "Why was I moved to 'Trollville'?" kind of stuff. We've also had people clamoring at their keyboards wondering why we don't ban people or move posts as quickly as they think they should be.

It's purely a subjective matter most of the time. The primary difference is that 98.5% of the time here, the mods are in total agreement. The secondary difference is that we still ask each other questions about decisions made in the middle of the night etc.

Soooooo, I think the other forum that you are referencing SUCKS then! I can't understand why people would get banned just for asking that a thread topic be moved to the relevant forum? Sometimes, scratch that, most of the time I wouldn't mind someone asking one time in a series of thread posts that it be moved. So long as they accept the answer of 'No' if I or one of the others don't move it. Eye-wink What kills us is trolling about mod decisions in the same thread at the same time a legitimate troll is posting. Ugh! More often than not, I'm busy writing back to the poster and not paying as much attention as to where it's posted until the 2nd reply. That's my mod shortcoming though. lol.

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