Heath Ledger Funeral Picketing?!?!?!

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Heath Ledger Funeral Picketing?!?!?!

http://www.godhatesfags.com/written/fliers/20080122_heath-ledger-brokeback-mountain.pdf - The baptists are planning to protest and picket at Heath Ledger's funeral over the film "Brokeback Mountain." Let's talk about it.

We're as mad about this as christians are about sodomy. Transitionally, sodomy has quite alot to do with the topic at hand. Now bear in mind that the baptists are pissed since they realized that the largest collection of grown men fucking little boys (since the greeks, and before them the sodomites) was their "same-god-worshiping-but-not-worshiping-quite-right" bretheren... the catholics. We feel however, that this gives them no right to start ranting and raving to distract from their own perversions - especially not at a funeral. The baptists are planning to picket at Heath Ledger's funeral, and it's madness.

Here's how we think the conversation may have went:

Theist 1 -

"Well, just incase that guy we lavish praise on (that same guy that we believe created the mother fucking universe) can't handle sending one guy to hell, we should picket."

Theist 2 -

"Our all-loving god loves it when we protest."

Theist 3 -

"Damn right he does, he told me so last week while I was shouting at women and shoving pictures of aborted fetuses in their faces - no... that was tuesday. Yeah - this was on wednesday when I was at a stoplight with a megaphone preaching the  depravity of the 'Adam and Steve' lifestyle."

 Their justifications for their irrational behavior can be found at the link, but basically the idea really breaks down to homophobia on such an enormous level that the fact that this actor played a role in a movie about two gay cowboys makes him heavenly enemy # 1. These are BAPTISTS folks, so they don't realize that someone seeing a movie about gays won't MAKE them gay. They're judging others by themselves, and being that they base their delusion on a book, they gotta be concerned about a movie. I mean, who reads anymore? 

Gay cowboys > Yahweh.

Do we really have to start trying to pass laws about censoring or imprisoning the people behind this bullshit? What gives these people the right to picket at the funeral of this man? Or any? Let alone a funeral his two-year-old daughter may very well be attending? Is it that they're SOUTHERN? Does Kentucky endorse this type of organized insanity? Or is it because they're a religious group with enough freedom to act, an axe to grind, and enough hate to not give a thought to the grieving family and friends of this man?

Here's a disturbingly counter-intuitive and irrational statement made at the end of the flyer meant to involve and organize people to this protest.

"Heath Ledger is now in hell, and has begun serving his eternal sentence there - beside which, nothing else about Heath Ledger is relevant or consequential."

So what they're really TRYING to say is: Since our supposedly almighty god can't handle a soul we deem as a small fry, we're going to write some slurs on signs and go out to fuck with the people grieving the loss of this man; the people paying respects while we pay great disrespect not only to him but those we deem guilty or guilty by association.

How reasonable. How rational. How..... sickening. The strangest part of all this is - where's their god in this situation? If he has so much wrath, why are THEY dishing it out; where are the trumpets so righteous as to break down the walls of sodom? If the being they worship can't take care of this, why worship him? Their statements, proposed actions, and their prejudice shows that in this situation, all this religion is doing for these people is giving them an excuse to hate. To hate and do it out in the open. It disgusts us.

Me: I just don't know honey, maybe I'm just too ignorant to claim myself as an atheist. Then again, "magic man done it", doesn't seem like the enlightened point of view.

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Canty people have any

Canty people have any dignity, I mean Heath was a straight man, to every part of my knowledge... apparently people dont understand what acting is, I mean he was in "Knights tale and Batman two ... two amazing roles/ I have an extreme outrage towards the disrespect of the church,. And though I dont believe in  afterlife the respect towards somebodies life is whats important.

Unfortunately I cannot say I am surprised by these, fucktards picketing though.

Its pushing me all the more to want to take down the church. 

If God didn't want atheists than we wouldn't exist..

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The Westboro Baptist Church

The Westboro Baptist Church has been doing these funeral picketings for a long, long time; mainly for fallen soldiers. Not only do they "thank god for Katrina" and "9/11" but they also say that since "America tolerates homosexuals," we deserve to die. In addition to that, not only are they a bunch of inbred flag-burning fundamentalists, but they also like media attention, whether it is positive or not. I also don't understand why these people even deserve police protection for their hate crime. Yes, hate crime. The government thinks that it's a hate crime or derogatory in some way to call people "cripples" or "mentally retarded" so they create all these alternative words like "terminal episode" or some other "politically correct" bullshit they come up with but it's okay for these fuckheads to suddenly say "god hates fags" because they're "practicing their religion"? Give me a fucking break! The only thing these people deserve is a bullet through the head. Good thing there are some groups such as the Patriot Riders to protect grieving families from this kind of bigotry.

Contact Info of W.B.C.:

Brent and Shirley Roper
3640 SW Churchill RdTopeka, KS 66604

Fred Phelps Sr.-785-273-0325
Fred Phelps Jr-785-272-4135
Margie Phelps-785-273-7380
Shirley Phelps Roper-785-783-3006 

 ***These numbers were posted 11 months ago by StaiseDark of Youtube.***

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Ehem.  According to the

Ehem.  According to the United States Census Bureau, Kansas is a Midwestern state.  Not southern.

And yeah, this is a pretty predictable thing for them to do.  By Heath doing brokeback mountain he became a "fag enabler" by the Westboro's view of thinking.  They're(westboro) scum even among other self-proclaimed christians.

Are they going to fly to Australia to picket?  Heath was Australian, right?

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i didnt even know he

i didnt even know he died... maybe i should start watching tv more >.>


oh well, never liked his acting ^_^

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Watcher--   It's times



It's times like this when I just can't tell you how...proud...I am to be a Kansan.

These people have been at this for years, now.  At first it was the funerals of gay men, especially those who had died of AIDS.  Then it was Matthew Shepard; on their website, from what I understand, they keep a lovely little tally of the number of days that Matthew has been in Hell.  I would be utterly shocked if they didn't start one for Mr. Ledger.


Of course, somewhere in the middle of all this, they decided that they could get more publicity by picketing the funerals of soldiers who had died in battle in Iraq and Afghanistan.  God, you see, was punishing the whole nation for its failure to hate gays and lesbians as much as Westboro Baptist Church. 


The one thing I hope for is that news outlets wise up and stop giving these publicity sluts the attention they crave.  Failing that, I hope that some sensible Aussie who can somehow get away with it slugs at least one and maybe more than one of these assholes hard, and somewhere where it hurts.  Maybe we'll get lucky and the Australian police will know of something to charge them with by Aussie law so that they can be put away for a long time and forgotten.



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An important note. Not only

An important note.

Not only are soldiers' and actors' funerals protested by these people.

Nicole Ford - victim of I-565 bus crash in Huntsville, AL in 2006

and this story which my wife ganked from CafeMom where she is a member:


"Service For Crash Victims Interrupted By Protestors"
POSTED: 11:43 am EST January 8, 2008
UPDATED: 1:07 pm EST January 8, 2008

BALTIMORE -- The memorial service for the five members of a Parkville family killed by a wrong-way truck in an Ohio highway accident included some uninvited guests outside the service.
Three members of the Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church, known for protests at military funerals, demonstrated about a block from St. Luke Evangelical Lutheran Church, the site of the service.
The demonstrators said that the deaths are God's retribution against the community for a recent $11 million jury award against the Kansas group. A federal jury in Baltimore made the award in October to Albert Snyder, of York, Pa., who sued after the group protested his son's military funeral in Maryland.
Demonstrator Fred Phelps said the community is going to "pay the price" for persecuting his group for preaching the word of God.
Killed in the Dec. 30 crash were Bethany Griffin, 36, and three of her daughters; Vadi Griffin, 2 months; Lacie Burkman, 7; and Haley Burkman, 10, all from Parkville, Md.
The last victim of the crash was released from the hospital on Monday. The family said that Sydney Griffin, 8, has steadily improved.
Michael Gagnon, 24, of Adrian, Mich., was charged Dec. 31 with aggravated vehicular homicide in connection with the crash.

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Conor Wilson wrote: Failing

Conor Wilson wrote:
Failing that, I hope that some sensible Aussie who can somehow get away with it slugs at least one and maybe more than one of these assholes hard, and somewhere where it hurts.

Oh, I was thinking of just in the head as I'd be able to get away with arguing in court that they are so dense they obviously don't use or need that part of their body so technically it wouldn't be physical assault.  But if you want somewhere they'll actually feel, I guess I'll have to change my plans.

Organised religion is the ultimate form of blasphemy.
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Heath Ledger is from Perth,

Heath Ledger is from Perth, Western Australia. Which is where I've lived most of my life. We don't get many famous people from here (or from Australia in general - we even try to claim New Zealanders as our own to make up the numbers). I asume that the funeral will be in Perth. The WBC isn't going to find themselves very welcome here we are very protective of the few celebrities we've produced.

I woudn't be surprised if one of them ended up hospitalised if they try to pull this shit here. There's still a good number of Ausies that think it's much better to solve problems with fists rather than lawyers. Unfortunately this is probably exactly what this bunch of wankers want.  

Actually I hope that our government is aware of this and will take measures to not allow them to enter the country. I believe we have laws that allow us to deny entry to just this type of arsehole.

Oh, a lesson in not changing history from Mr. I'm-My-Own-Grandpa!

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I finally got around to

I finally got around to watching Brokeback Mountain a month or two ago when it was on HBO.  The movie was exceptionally well done.

I thought Ledger's acting was brilliant.  It definitely took some courage to take on that role and face the hostility of the theist hordes in this country, that he must have known he would face.  It's a shame !

However much I despise the Phelp's at least they don't hide their feelings or opinions, no matter how ignorant they may be.  Who wants to bet that Huckabee believes almost everything the Phelp's believe, but is simply shrewd enough to keep it to himself.  That's the type you really have to worry about.   

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."
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Quote: Are they going to

Are they going to fly to Australia to picket?  Heath was Australian, right?

 The family is looking to hold the funeral in Australia. 

 I would pay money to see them picket a funeral in Australia. I would love to see each one of them get their asses royally kicked from one end of the cemetary to the other for pulling that shit in Aussie land. 

 If they pulled that shit at a funeral for someone I cared for, it would be worth going to jail to see one of them limp away (or be carried away).

 These guys boil my blood moreso than any other group in the USA. 

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If they do get their asses

If they do get their asses kicked or thrown in jailthere, I bet they start a "God hates Australia" site - look how many countries God supposedly hates on their site so far!

They are a bunch of asshats/twatwaffles/dillholes. In a way I'm glad they're around though - they do a good job of making religion look bad.

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Someone needs to go to the

Someone needs to go to the funeral area with a good quality video camera! I'd probably pay to see them get their asses kicked too! Here's to hoping they try to picket!


edit: tried to go to their site but it seems to be down. Maybe some 1337 h4xoR is doing a DOS attack on them! LOL!

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Happily, Canada refuses to

Happily, Canada refuses to tolerate these idiots over here.

The continued blocking of their over the top protests and rude picketing has spawned their "God Hates Canada" site.



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Heath Ledger
Not to put anyone down, but, who?

Never heard of him.

The Westboro Baptist Church
But anyway, speaking of mental disorders...

People who think there is something they refer to as god don't ask enough questions.

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Heath Ledger was an actor,

Heath Ledger was an actor, and a good one.  It's really too bad that he died so young; I was hoping to see more of him in other pictures.


He has been in three pictures that I can name: A Knight's Tale (probably his most popular to date, although that may changeEye-wink Brokeback Mountain (easily his most controversial workEye-wink and Batman The Dark Knight (as yet unreleased; he plays The Joker.)


Needless to say, Mr. Ledger doesn't deserve this.  Neither do his loved ones.




"Faith does not fear reason."--Pope Pius XII

"But it should!"--Me

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Conor Wilson wrote: and

Conor Wilson wrote:

and Batman The Dark Knight (as yet unreleased; he plays The Joker.)


awh... you mean they killed off Joker AGAIN?! pff... ^_^

What Would Kharn Do?

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He was also in Ten Things I

He was also in Ten Things I Hate About You, The Brother's Grimm, and The Patriot.