The Irrational Atheist, opinions?

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The Irrational Atheist, opinions?

I was browsing the bookstore today and found a book called The Irrational Atheist by Vox Day. Has anyone read this book? Is it worth a read? What is your opinion of it? Sorry if this has been discussed before. I attempted to search the site, but I'm not sure if the forums were included in the search.

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He actually wrote us and

He actually wrote us and asked for a mutually beneficial debate with Kelly in which they go back and forth between their blogs.  He asked if we wanted a screener copy of the book and we accepted, we have yet to receive the copy and the debate was supposed to happen about now.  It might have got lost in the mail, not sure.

 I saw something pass by my eyes the other day about him hyping up the debate however we haven't heard from him in some months and I thought he had said he wanted to do it by mid-january.  I don't have the time to look up all the details now, just wanted to give you some background.

Hopefully he'll write soon, we'll get a copy soon, and we'll all be able to come to agreeable terms.  


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