Pat Condell - Hook, Line, and Rapture

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Pat Condell - Hook, Line, and Rapture

Awesome Pat Condell video, as usual:


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   cool,  his latest,

   cool,  his latest,  Great guy, 

thanks for keeping us current with Pat. He ought to be on the friggin TV , for god sakes !  Surprised

See all pats vids people ......

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Yeah he is so awesome that

Yeah he is so awesome that I could worship him Eye-wink

For all not Youtube sensitive try as well:

PaulEgo :

And immortal George Carlin - Religion is bullshit:

Ecrasez l'infame!

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Pat is a fucking genius. He

Pat is a fucking genius. He would be great to get on RRS show!

Did anyone catch his blasphemy challange response? One of the best!  

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  I fucking love Pat! I


I fucking love Pat! I wish he was my grandpappy. 

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great comedy, enjoy that

great comedy, enjoy that guys vids for sure

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pat condell is da ;man

i keep up with pat condells vid *Religiously * lol hahahahah



all =his vids are pure genius and i too think it be cool to hear him on a rrs show



great mori 

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Agreed.  He's all class

Agreed.  He's all class with just the right amount of humor. Hope to see much more of him in the future.

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best discussion of religious

best discussion of religious bull I've ever heard. ROFLMAO

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User is offlineOffline"Hi,

"Hi, I'm Pat Condell.

I don't respect your beliefs
and I don't care if you're offended.

I can't help but love this man! i.r. apparently to dum for linx  Cry