Evangelic sect

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Evangelic sect

I was wondering about the birth, the revision, the founders(humans) of this type of christianity and its typical arguments(rapture above all)...

I was an evangelical, so i know the theological characteristic elements of this cult(and of christianity generally) , but i never understood (and nobody told me) who was the theological "revisor" of this particular fucking sect...i just know the birth date: about 1860...

Any elucidation would be welcome ^^

If God exist....must clarify me many doubts... <<(darwin)><

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John Nelson Darby is

John Nelson Darby is usually pointed to as the guy who promulgated the current version of the doctrine of the rapture in the U.S. (Google his name for more info and sources).

Most of the ideas particular to American Protestant Evangelicism can be traced back to C.I. Scofield and the widespread publication of the Scofield Study Bible, which is still in use in many places today.

And, finally, most of the character of 21st century Evangelicism can be traced back to Dr. James Dobson and the Focus on the Family group, who did a tremendous amount of behind-the-scenes work to make U.S. Protestants--who used to have widely varying ideas--much more unified and orthodox across the country. 

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