The "X-mas Police" Target Retailers in Lynchburg, Va. *reconstruction*

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The "X-mas Police" Target Retailers in Lynchburg, Va. *reconstruction*

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Hello RRS:

This is my first general post to you all, so please forgive me if I seem confused. I've chosen this "General Conversation" forum, because I'm not familiar enough with this site to know where else to go with this information. However, the information I'm bringing to your attention is NOT what I'd consider 'humorous' in any way.

This morning I woke up early, and flipped on the local TV news. The only local network affiliate here in Lynchburg is ABC-13...WSET. I can't express how shocked I was when I heard the news-spot by reporter Josh Farmer, called "Councel Publishes Naughty and Nice List of Holiday Greetings".

PLEASE watch this very short video. Just go to, & then scroll to the bottom of the page, to find this particular video: "Counsel Publishes..."

Apparently, a group calling itself "Liberty Councel", has taken on the role of "X-mas Police". They are actually targeting various retailers, (most appear to be national chain stores), for refusing to bow to their phoney, mid-eastern, non-visible, so-called diety. "Targeting" is the right word, in that they've posted a "Naughty & Nice" list on their web site, and now they're receiving help from the local TV affiliate. The "LIST" link is also posted on the wset site.

I don't know much about technology, so I wish that one of you out there could make a copy of this particular, short, news story, & somehow archive it. It will be taken off the wset site soon, I'm sure. Someone should record this CLASSIC example of radical rightest cultural hegemony. The "man" from "Liberty Counsel" in the interview, sounds just like some sort of latter-day Gestapo official. The whole story sends a frightening "Christian Nazis" making their "LISTS", and checking them (more than) twice.

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