Trying to better define Atheism *reconstruction*

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Trying to better define Atheism *reconstruction*

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After watching a few interviews with Richard Dawkins I am pretty much sick of people referring to Hitler and Stalin as examples of how atheism can also be harmful. For one thing Hitler was anything but an atheist, and Stalin was an atheist only in the loosest use of the term. My atheism is a form of activisim, It has a goal to rid this world of somthing very ugly, somthing that makes credulous weak puppets of us all. For those who want to put atheism and theism in the same basket, here is my Atheism.

To me Atheism means the rejection of omnipotentials, the severe intellectual ridicule of any idea, person, or thing that claims to be the end-all answer to anything. By subscribing to somthing thought as omnipotent one may reject any alternatives, critisims, and improvements possible. It allows an idea, person, or thing to go unchecked. It is the rejection of the God concept, not just the current conceptions of God.

I know it sounds like just being a skeptic, but I preferr calling it atheism to remind me that anything can replace the problematic idea of God. Yes, Stalin didnt believe in one of the many old invisible gods, but he wanted to go unquestioned with absolute power... honestly what is the difference?
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