About bashing RRS , please consider this , "silentdagger"

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About bashing RRS , please consider this , "silentdagger"

About bashing RRS , please consider this silentdagger

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silentdagger : I like your passion, and appreciate whatever your style is to 'Slaying the dragon of religion' ( B. Russell ) , but please consider this.

One very famous freethinker said, " I have not come to bring peace but a sword, ...." (jesus)

An ancient Gaelic proverb says, "If you want an audience, start a fight."

That is not advocating violence but real debate.

Buddha was once, according Hinayana and Mahayana tradition, asked by his disciples if God existed, to which the Buddha replied something along the lines of "who cares?"

"There's more than one way to skin a cat." (bad religion)

"There are no rules here. We're just trying to accomplish something." -Thomas Edison

and geezz, read the radical angry stuff Thomas Jefferson wrote on religion.

All methods as essential. From bashing to comedy to using logic to "loving them with kindness", and all part of what RRS does. Giving the young the tools and balls to say no to religion is so very needed. The time for real possible change has come thanks to the internet, and the TV will follow.

The word tolerance shouldn't be confused with appeasement. Compassion and healing can demand strong language. I know no sane atheist that would provoke violence.

RRS ( and Sapient ) play many different roles. Think about the "good cop / bad cop", both trying to get to the the Truth , for all to know.

RRS will not "Awaken" everyone, but it's doing it's blessed part. Jesus/Buddha would be proud ! .... no ? Yes all can do better and more, and so thanks silentdagger for your efforts.

Check out RRS Author Hambydammit Will Moderates Please Get Pissed? Please? Why Are Atheists So Angry?

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Here's cool Brian , Video, "Kicking and screaming about your disorder."  [ Regarding religion ]  6 min , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qm-RNv8M14o   C'mon folks, answer the questions.