The phrase "What I believe in" and how it annoys.

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The phrase "What I believe in" and how it annoys.

I've heard it all too often, "What do you believe in?"  "Do you believe in god?"  "Would you stand up for what you believe?"  I think it is utter nonsence to simply fight for what you believe in, to fight for what is only temporary and ever changing seems pointless.  I would rather say that I fight for the right to freely inquire, to learn, to grow.  Also, it's not that I do or do not 'believe in' god, I simply have no evidence to conclude there is one.  It is this ridgidity of thought that is responcible for the many terms that have spawned such as "Agnostic" or "Weak/Strong Atheist".

 The abuse of 'belief' seems to be created by the need for absolute certainty, and I find those who fight for 'belief' rather arrogant.  I respect those who have invested thought into what they hold to be plausable, such as Richard Dawkins.  I loved his statement about being as much an agnostic towards god as he is an agnostic towards a tea pot around saturn.

 So what do I 'believe' in?  I believe that knowledge is ever expanding and fertile,  apart from that one would have to actually talk to me, it's hard to frame it all in sound bites Sticking out tongue