A Funny "Argument" I heard yesterday while debating a theist

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A Funny "Argument" I heard yesterday while debating a theist

First I'd like to say it's amazing what a little research can do. I'm a rather new atheist (prolly < 2 years) which came to me after just a little bit of rational thought. Even then though when I would argue with theists they would throw the usual shit you hear all the time on the RRS shows, forums etc. "Darwin even mentioned the eye as an absurd coincidence", "There is historical proof of Jesus", "There were 500 eye witnesses" "Carbon Dating isn't accurate at all" etc. Arguments that I hear now and just wanna laugh at how easy they are to explain. So thanks to all the atheists here that have made me a more educated atheist.

During a debate I had the other day, we got into the topic of the Bible. I just wanted his opinion on a few contradictory verses, things that didn't make any sense etc. I started on the New Testament cause that is where Christians like to start, but eventually moved to the OT and one of my favorite stories to talk about - Noah's Ark. After explaining my position on it he said "Well I actually don't really like to discuss stories in the Bible because I honestly don't know what really happened. I wasn't there!"

My reply: "(laugh) And you weren't there for the birth, death, or resurrection of Jesus either were you? Nor were you there for Paul's account, or anything else so you can just completely dismiss the entire Bible now even though we could have dismissed it before this absurd remark because it is what we call circular reasoning."


"Evolution is a dead theory. Darwin disproved the entire thing before he died."

When people say shit like that all I can think is that they are being completely dishonest with themselves and and merely spouting out normal dogma and attacks that their pastors told them. It's disgusting really.

I'm sure most of you have gotten absurd reasoning as well, but that was the most ridiculous I've ever heard so just thought I'd share it for a laugh or a shaking of the head. Again, thanks for all the help in my studies!




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Oh yeah!

Dude, I hate when people give me the "Darwin disproved evolution" Bullshit. Whenever I hear someone say that I simply say to them,


"Since you apparently know so much about darwin and evolution give me the scientific defintion of evolution"

 I swear 10 times out of 10 they can't and they get pissed and usually say something stupid like ...Humans came from monkey's

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Every time someone gives me

Every time someone gives me that "darwin disproved evolution on his deathbed" claim, i simply point him to the Answers In Genesis Website.


If you go there, and type in the search bar "darwin deathbed", you get an article, written by a creationist, who says that Darwin DIDNT recant.


Its probably the BEST evidence to use against people who say those claims. I mean, who better to disprove you, than your own allies? 

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