Secularism Is Not a Dirty Word lecture

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Secularism Is Not a Dirty Word lecture

Hey guys, I just got out of a lecture by guest speaker Susan Jacoby at my college. It was an awesome lecture about how the religious right has demonized secular values, and attempted to rewrite history. I only got to speak with her for 5 seconds after the lecture (I think she assumed I was a Liberty student about to attack her) but she gave me her website were I could e-mail her about getting help on starting a secular group on campus. In the audience (as predicted) there were Liberty students. (A whole class as a matter of fact, and some "professors&quotEye-wink I noticed they were taking all these notes and never clapped. What really pissed me off was when I walked out of the room, all the Liberty kids were in a circle around there professors who were doing their best to keep them indoctrinated by attempting to refute what Susan Jacoby said. I am so fucking pissed right now, you know, when you get that ugly feeling in your stomach and you want to rip something to shreds. *explodes* But other than that, it was an awesome lecture and I am glad I got to attend it. (Ironicly, Dawkins was here 2 months before I found reason and I had no idea who he was at the time)

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Yay! I've joined the

Yay! I've joined the Leicester Secular society.
Secularism made an appearance in that "history of disbelief" - it came out of the ninteenth century as an approach to politics that relied on reason rather then religion/tradition/superstition.

Another thing I like about secularism is that it's inclusive of moderates, as moderates tend to have personal beliefs but believe that political and social issues should be approached secularly. It's only fundamentalists that oppose secularism.