Pope urges pharmacists to reject abortion pill

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Pope urges pharmacists to reject abortion pill

From Yahoo News: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20071029/ts_nm/pope_drugs_dc

Mon Oct 29, 8:52 AM ET

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pharmacists must be allowed to refuse to supply drugs that cause abortion or euthanasia, Pope Benedict said on Monday, calling on health professionals to be "conscientious objectors" against such practices.

The Pope told a convention of Roman Catholic pharmacists that part of their job was to help protect human life from conception until natural death -- the Church teaching that rules out any deliberate termination of pregnancy or euthanasia.

"It is not possible to anaesthetize the conscience, for example, when it comes to molecules whose aim is to stop an embryo implanting or to cut short someone's life," the Pope said.

The so-called abortion pill, which is available in many European Union countries and has had regulatory approval in the United States since 2000, has not been authorized in Italy.

The Vatican has criticized moves by some Italian politicians who favor the pill, which blocks the action of the hormone progesterone that is needed to sustain a pregnancy.

The Pope told the international gathering that individual pharmacists could always choose not to prescribe such a drug.

"I invite your federation to consider conscientious objection which is a right that must be recognized for your profession so you can avoid collaborating, directly or indirectly, in the supply of products which have clearly immoral aims, for example abortion or euthanasia," he said.


Notice in the first line of the news report it says 'and euthanasia'. Wouldn't that be 90% of drugs considering you can use them to overdose on them to commit suicide?

That darn crazy pope. 



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Fuck the Pope.

Fuck the Pope.

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Just another disgusting

Just another disgusting example of how religion is harmful to society. Keep trying to force your superstitious beliefs on everybody, assholes. *argh*

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You gotta understand the

You gotta understand the Catholic position.  You can't molest a clump of cells.  No, you gotta wait until birth because if you try to molest the cells then that means a penis has to enter a vagina and that's just wrong. 

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Are they talking about

Are they talking about pills like RU-486, which causes an actual abortion, or are they once again lumping the morning after pill in with abortion pills?  I never know what the hell these people are referring to, since they find those two very different pills virtually interchangable.

Either way, I'm so sick of this bullshit.  If you want to be a pharmacist, you have to be willing to do your job.  If you intend to refuse anyone ANY kind of drugs they have a valid prescription for, you shouldn't be hired.  The second you do it, you should be fired on the spot.     

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This pope is an even bigger

This pope is an even bigger asshat than the last one.

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Dissent, in a free society

Dissent, in a free society must include even the most absurd.

FUCK THE POPE! and I agree. No matter how much they cry their invisiable friend told them not to do this or that, they have the right to express it.

NOW here is the great equalizer for both they theocratic morons and the rationalists like us.

If you want a job get one at a private pharmacy not funded by the govermment OR START ONE YOURSELF, then you can be an idiotic prick and not serve someone because you think a ghoast has control over everyone's body.


You do not have the right to get a job where birth control is distributated and cry discrimination because YOU CHOSE to get a job there. If you take the job and they sell birth control YOU CHOSE TO GET THE JOB THERE.

That would be just as wrong as an atheist taking a job at a private Sunday school and crying foul because they said the atheist had to bow their head during a prayer.

If these idiots want birth control free pharmacies then let the free market work. The Pope and all the idiots who think birth control is bad should start their own myth based superstitious pharmacies.

But they cannot tell a business owner that they have too keep them employeed "Just because" they object to the product sold.

If that were the case then I could apply to become a Pastor and sue for discrimination because they wont hire an atheist as a Pastor. 

I wonder what Islamic run hospitals in Iran are like? The doctors only treat people who suck up to Allah? 

This is bullshit. That would be like suing a strip joint for refusing to hire a 500lb woman.

If it doesnt match it doesnt match. No one is saying that these idiots shouldnt have jobs, but they have no right to force a business owner to hire them "just because".

Sometimes people dont match up and it has nothing to do with right or wrong, it has to do with the wants and needs of both parties matching up.

A pharmacy that sells birth control sees a need that the public wants. If someone objects to birth control then DONT GET A JOB AT A PHARMACY THAT SELLS IT!

If you object to it that much then work at a place that doesnt sell it, or start your own pharmacy. But dont dictate to others over something you dont own.


The Pope can suck my dick and he is not being discriminated against, he just doesnt like the fact that capitalism also includes compitition in the market that isnt Jesus based. 


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Hopefully it backfires and

Hopefully it backfires and leads to the large drug store chains into firing all their Catholic pharmacists who opt not to do the job they were hired for.

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we're terribly sorry your

we're terribly sorry your wife died after the operation sir

she lost a lot of blood

well yes we could have given her a blood transfusion

but you see i am a jehovah's witness and jehovah's witnesses feel that blood transfusions violate the laws in leviticus against eating blood and so we opted to let god handle everything instead

apparently god's plan for your wife included hypovolemia ack gurgle blub blub whack why are you dunking my head in the toilet and slamming the lid on my neck

whack whack gurgle blub this is very disrespectful to my religion you did not even flush the toilet first! gurgle blub thump hurrrk now i have pee in my mouth cough ack ptoo


Götter sind für Arten, die sich selbst verraten -- in den Glauben flüchten um sich hinzurichten. Menschen brauchen Götter um sich zu verletzen, um sich zu vernichten -- das sind wir.

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SAT quiz time!  Getting

SAT quiz time! 

Getting advice on female reproductive matters from a celibate priest is about as absurd as:

1) Heart surgery performed by a member of the Globetrotters

2)  Getting advice on proper fertilizer use to increase winter wheat yields from a manufacturer of toilet paper

3) Having the Grand Wizard of the KKK explain the effect of racial discrimination on the psychological development of African-American children in America

4) The Pope is an asshat

The most correct answer is 3 but I would have accepted number 4. 

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JeremiahSmith wrote: Fuck

JeremiahSmith wrote:
Fuck the Pope.
I'd rather not fuck the pope. However, I wish he'd stop telling women that they shouldn't have control over their own bodies.

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Once again, I say it: I am not in the US. I am in Panama, a Catholic country.

 Here's something interesting:

 A couple of years ago, the Morning After Pill was legalized here, but only for cases of rape. Most people around here don't want the pill to be legal for anything else because the Pedophile Church doesn't like the idea, and people agree.

Some guy in charge of the Health Department, by mistake, around 2005, said the Morning After pill was available to everyone. His mistake. He got fired right away. Well done, according to the pedophile church.

Last year, a couple of corrupt members of the Health Department were buying medications from China that hadn't been aproved of by any lab. The idea was buying cheaper medications for the poor citizens who rely in what is called around here "Seguro Social" or social security, as it is called in the US.

The result of this act of corruption? 18 people poisoned. Back in 2006, the CDC had to be called because everyone thought a new virus had invaded Panama and could spread to the US via American tourists. Turns out it was the corrupt members of the social security services that were to blame for buying stuff that didn't meet safety standards.

Who got arrested? Who got fired? 


The Catholic Church's corruption is clearly visible in Latin American more than everyone else. 82 women have died in Nicaragua in the past two years because their pregnancies put their lives at risk and they couldn't terminate them because it is illegal.

Those are my two cents on the issue.  


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If I am not mistaken, it is

If I am not mistaken, it is not against the law for a pharmacist in the UK to refuse to dispense the "morning after pill" on the grounds of their religion.  In fact Sainsbury's (a large supermarket chain) have allowed in one circumstance (that I know of and was reported in The Times newspaper) that a Muslim checkout assistant could refuse to handle containers (bottles/cans) of alcohol (and had to get another member of staff to "put it through the till&quotEye-wink due to their religion even though the handling and selling of alcohol is not prohibited to non muslims. (and yes we know that alcohol is an ingredient of many items that are not consumed aswell as medicinal items such as cough syrup).  Would gingerbeer constitute alcohol?

The problem with pandering to these people and allowing all and sundry to choose what they do with regards to their individual religious beliefs leaves eveyone else at the mercy of these people and their "no true scotsman" fallacies.

Either you sign the contract and do your job or you get fired for breach of contract. 



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    Kinda the reason my

    Kinda the reason my great grandmother called them nothing but vultures and useless pieces of society, always getting into things they have no understanding about, or should be meddling with. What does a man that has never fucked a woman, that has had no part directly of bringing life into this world (other than being born himself) who has no concept of the female body saying in what they can do, with it? If they wish to have children let them, if for medical reasons they have to abort, let them, if they cannot deal with having a rapists child, let them abort it, if they want to fuck their boyfriends and enjoy the pleasure of sex, let them, if the pope doesn't like it? So what? he doesn't fuck so what does he care?