A young earth creationist in logic class

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A young earth creationist in logic class

Okay, I don't know if anyone has ever come across this situation before and I'm not sure how to handle it. I'm auditing a rhetoric class and we're currently covering argumentative fallacies. I found out that there is a young earth creationist in the class when he piped up with "Wouldn't the evolutionist's claim that fossils are dated by position in sediment be circular reasoning?" The professor said he didn't know enough about how fossils were dated to comment. I added that the primary method of dating is radiometric, the YEC said we've been dating things via sedimentary position since before that. This is all so absurd to me; radiometric dating is better (and easier) than positional dating. This is science, the methods of today are better than those of yesterday. I'm simply stunned that the guy has no concept of how these things work, and the professor is going along with the idea that there is something to debate here.

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No, dating a fossil by its

No, dating a fossil by its position in the sediment is not circular. What they did in the old days was to calculate the average rate of sediment laid down per year (or decade, or century, you get the idea) then they would look at how much sediment was there and use their figures to date the rocks. Also, mention the fact that these methods were invented by a man named Charles Lyell before Darwin had come up with his famous theory.

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You should have pointed out that if anyone would know about Circular reasoning a young earth creationist would. They practically wrote the book on it.

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