Kirk Cameron disproves Pascal's wager

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Kirk Cameron disproves Pascal's wager

Hi there.

This is my first post and I though I would share something interesting that I have just noticed..

I was watching the nightline debate between RRS and Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort, then I noticed something very interesting. At some point in that debate, the theist team points out how a religious hypocrite (i.e. someone who murders and then asks for Gods forgivness) will essentially be sniffed out by God.

"hmm" I thought as I stroked by chin, isn't this a perfect refutation of Pascal's Wager by a theist.

I think it is. So I made a video about it:

I'm not trying to egg up some views here. I genuinly think it might be of interest to you guys. Also, it uses some material of the debate which I nabbed off youtube I hope the RRS doesn't own it, I think it's fair use personally.

So I think it's case well and truly closed on Pascal's Wager. That idiotic appeal to cowardice. May it die!

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