Religion Vs Theism

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Religion Vs Theism


My case

Religion I can knock down and beat with a bat easily.  It's not that hard to show how stupid it is.  Existence of God is easy as well.  Not hard to show someone that there's no empirical evidence and there's no need to have a God for morals or meaning.

But even if I can show them how stupid religion is they say..."Some people still need that faith to keep them going".  They give examples like 3rd world countries etc. 

 Even if I can show them there is no God.  They still like the idea or it comforts them.  Even if it's imaginary.

Believing in a God when they know there isn't one is sad in my eyes but doesn't get to me as bad as someone knowing how corrupt faith is but it being ok in certain conditions.

Is that true? I don't know.  When should I be mad at someone having faith.  Where is the line?  When it starts affecting me of course.  Affecting my rights or my education or my kids education or our hospitals or courthouses. 

Share with me what you know.

When is faith ok if ever?

What do you think about believing in God even after understanding there is no God?

There could be a real simple answer that I've missed or I'm not sure.  I'm just glad there's an atheist community out here to talk to.  This is one or maybe my first post here and I feel I'll be posting a lot more.  I've spent alot of time educating myself on atheism vs theism and feel very confident when talking to theist.  Slowly I've gotten better about how to approach in a non threating way (as best as an atheist can in today's world) and so on.  Though sometimes you crazy not have anyone or just a few people understanding you.

Uhhhhh Faith

Damn it's blindness

Please Respond

Joe Howell 

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Welcome to the forums,

Welcome to the forums, JosephHowell!

JosephHowell wrote:
What do you think about believing in God even after understanding there is no God?

If someone understands there is no god or gods, it would be my opinion that they call themself a theist in name only.   One can go through all the right motions right down to taking communion, but that doesn't make them believe it.  That kind of person simply wants to believe, but deep down, they cannot and they cannot admit it.

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