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Online volunteering

Okay, happy to see one person has responded to the other thread I started about where to look online for volunteering opportunities. Hope more people will post and say which of the resources I've listed they like best -- or list something NOT listed.

 For this thread, I'm focusing on online volunteering -- volunteering you do offsite from the organization you are helping, via your own home computer, or perhaps your work or school computer. 

Project Gutenberg is always looking for online volunteers to proofread texts which are made freely available to the world. Most of the texts available on Project Gutenberg are novels, but there's also a lot of textbooks and other learning texts.

LibriVox is a nonprofit effort that mobilizes volunteers to record chapters of books in the public domain. LibriVox then publishes the audio files on the Internet, via its web site. The goal is to record al books in the public domain! Volunteering for LibriVox is something you can do from your home. You can listen to free audiobooks recorded by volunteers, or volunteer to record yourself reading a chapter of a book in the public domain to share with everyone, by going to the LibriVox web site:

And then there's the United Nations' Online Volunteering service, a free site where you can look for online volunteering opportunities to help organizations working in or for the developing world. There's opportunities relating to IT support, graphic design, web site design, translation, business plan development, research and more:

If you have volunteered online, I would love to hear about your experience.

More volunteering-focused threads especially for atheists in the weeks to come.  

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Nice projects.  You have

Nice projects.  You have any groups you like to promote that benefit the natural world/environment?


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LibriVox sounds awesome! I

Slowly building a blog at ~

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online volunteering for natural world/environment

There are certainly such opportunities posted at the UN's Online Volunteering service. And there are environmental organizations that talk about their involvement of online volunteers at NetSquared ( -- NetSquared is NOT a volunteer listing site but, rather, a sharing site for organizations and activists.


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That's great stuff.  I'll

That's great stuff.  I'll be posting netsquared on myspace.  That looks awesome.



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Great links, thanks.

Great links, thanks.