Scientist claims he has proof of God

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Scientist claims he has proof of God

There is a video on-line from Channel 11 Dallas/Fort Worth, that the guy claims he has "proof" of the existence of God. You may want to check out this video in order that you're aware of his claims. Basically I think he's doing the same thing as everyone else, confusing faith and logic.[email protected]&cid=7

This was a question someone posted on Yahoo answers in which she still didn't believe. My answer was like this:

The guy in the video is doing the same thing everyone else does, he's confusing logic with science. He's perfectly entitled to make the claim, but, as always, the onus is upon him to prove his claim.

At least he's not making the mistake of some people who believe in God who ask those who believe in the atheist religion to prove the nonexistence of God. Those who make the claim for something must prove its existence, not the other way around.

The scientific method requires that one provide evidence to support one's conclusion in a manner that permits others to independently verify one's conclusions. He has not done this yet, and the video lacks any evidence whatsoever.

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Yeah, Geezz, not this

Yeah, Geezz, not this shit again. TV is a profit whore and grabs at anything for attention. This so called scientist is playing to the ignorant crowd. What's his real motivation ?

God who ? God of jewish bible abe or god of Einstein, Buddha, or Pantheists ? The definition of god is not a universal world wide one.

This makes me sick ... more dumbing down the stupid. What an old idiotic god still debated .....

Thanks for posting that. We need to fix the t.v. ASAP ....

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yeah but we saw one

yeah but we saw one chritian in that vid that said well the guy is an idiot,"you cannot prove god with science". so I guess there was a good point aswell.

God cannot exist then if  even a Preacher says hes fubared 

If God didn't want atheists than we wouldn't exist..

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P.T. Barnum would be proud

P.T. Barnum would be proud to have this moron as an employee of his Circus.

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wtf lol

and i live near the DFW area  is so depressing learning more and more people are complete morons and idiots     when is the cycle of stupidity going to end lol


well i am baracading my doors now lol 


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It is astonishing how

It is astonishing how powerful the mechanism of compartmentalization can be. That he "became a committed Christian at 12" should really tell us all we need to know - this is not an objective investigation resulting (somehow) in evidence of a "supernatural being" (whatever that even means), this is somebody who has had a lifelong agenda to bend the evidence to meet his presupposed conclusion. Having obtained a degree and a teaching position, he thinks that loans legitimacy to his vague and indefensible religious assertions.

I love how the broadcast uses heady terms like "hard-core science," "Einstein's principles," and "quantum mechanics," to bewilder and confuse the viewers and imply that the physicist has such complete control of these tools that he can wield them to do the impossible. Just keep confusing the plebs and keep the soylent green coming and they'll sit there and chew their cud in quiet awe. Texas makes me want to move as far away from this country as possible.

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Not knowing much about

Not knowing much about quantum physics myself I couldn't really argue much with this person. But knowing simple math lets me argue my point in a few numbers. 1 = 1 = God doesn't work my friend. To assume that "God" is the singularity point of the universe is just unfounded. Also being that he has been a brainwashy for so many years it is clear that he inputting the variables that prove him right and leaving out the ones that make his =.

My guess is if this guy was from India he would have Mathematically proven Vishnu, or if he was Middle-Eastern he would have proven Allah.

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IIRC, Tipler's views come

IIRC, Tipler's views come from an information gradient that pops out of GR equations, I believe it's called the Omega point or something like that.


Something about an universal simulation generated by an infinite informational singularity that he atrributes to God.