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I Was Just Thinking

So yeah i was tryin to fall asleep yesterday but i was thinking about this. Ok, so the idea of a God, more specifically the Chrisitan god, is without a doubt a human creation. Personally, i think that the intent of religion and god is great. Putting the fear of god in a person would hopefully make them act more moral, with the reward of eternal happiness, heaven. Same goes with hell, if someone believes if they act immoral, they believe they will be punished. Ok, so sounds great to me, but still, the idea behind it all was man made and there is no proof of a god. In fact, those who created the idea of god had such a great idea, they made the belief in god come with faith, so that even though there is no proof, it still requires you to be believe it... to have faith. So if we as humans created the idea of god without proof, it isnt logical that there is a god, because something made by a human can't have the qualities of the christian god, all powerful, omnipotence, etc. If, and only if, there was proof of a god, then yeah, id say it is logical to believe because there is real proof. But there isnt, and basically what im saying is that the idea and entire backbone of religion and god was made by humans without any real proof of it, and the idea of faith backed that up by requiring you to believe it without proof.

Anyways, thats just me thinkin out loud, and also, if faith is the belief of something without proof (if thats what you consider faith to be), and you believe the bible proves there is a god, why do you need faith then? And if you stilll need faith in this situation wouldnt it it would mean you don't completly trust the bible if you need that extra layer of belief?

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I've seen some people

I've seen some people respond that God hides from people because revealing Itself to people would take away their free will, however that is supposed to happen. And also that doing so would mean that one would no longer need Faith to believe that It exists, which is presumably very desirable.

And yes, there's an old theory that people need to fear the displeasure of some Cosmic Bogeyman in order to be virtuous. That viewpoint is usually not stated with the honesty that it deserves, but Plato was an exception, proposing that his Republic have an official religion that he called a Royal Lie.