Is "Spiritual" a Coherent Term?

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Is "Spiritual" a Coherent Term?

Recent posts have brought up the ignostic position, that "god" is an incoherent term with no definite meaning. That it would first have to be defined before its legitimacy could be considered. Could the same be said of the word "spiritual?" What does it mean to be "spiritual," and what difference could I observe if one is not "spiritual?" If "spiritual" is a term granted to a person exhibiting a certain characteristic physically, yet the word is meant to carry a supernatural connotation, how can the physical manifestation be justifyably assumed to be supernatural?

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Good topic.I agree with Sam

Good topic.
I agree with Sam Harris that spirituality doesn't necessarily require supernaturalism or superstitiousness, that it's about exploring one's own nature and experience of the world. I guess the challenge is on for me to give a proper definition.

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