More Republican Absurdity

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More Republican Absurdity

After finding out that three republicans denied publically that they believed in evolution, I decided to see what other crackpot things they believed. Here is a list of the nonsense Tom Tancredo believes:


"Illegal aliens threaten our economy and undermine our culture."


This is false. First, have some respect. Don't call them aliens. Second, how do they threaten our economy? Are tons of doctors out of work because if these "illegal aliens?" How exactly does it undermine our economy? These people do all the jobs, Americans won't do. Moreover, how exactly does it "undermine our culture?" These are hard working people...isn't hard work an American virtue? Or perhaps, Tommy, its that the color of their skin is a bit brown. Yeah, thats probably it. We can't adapt to Mexican culture, just like we couldn't adapt to Jewish culture when they can over here during WWII. In reality, its you Tom that threatens our economy and undermines our culture.


"I am 100% opposed to amnesty"


Wow. So, you are against fighting for human rights? What a shit bag.


"I will eliminate benefits and job prospects so they do not stay."


What benefits? Do you honestly believe these people open 401(k)'s? Do you honestly believe these people have a dental plan? Eliminate job prospects? How are you going to do this? They do jobs, NO ONE ELSE DOES. So unless you proposing to personally pick strawberries, shut the fuck up. Can you honestly believe they stay, JUST for the jobs? They stay because they hate their countries...they are not going to leave because you "eliminate job prospects. How stupid can you be?


" The essence of Democracy is that the citizens dictate the rules by which they live. Yet in the last 40 years, on the social issues that most determine who we are as a people, decisions have been made not by elected legislatures, but by unelected judges. With decisions on abortion, gay rights, religion, sexual mores, and illegal immigration, activist judges have ripped democracy from the hands of the people on the issues they most want their voices heard."'re proposing mob-rule? What the mob says, goes! Are you really that much of a moron? There is a reason this country is a democratic-REPUBLIC. Should we allow the people to be in charge if they want to ethnically cleanse a whole group of people? I donno...I believe this happened a few times. *Cough, Cough* Rwanda, Somalia, Germany. Now, you say that judges have ripped democracy out of the hands of the people? YES...this is why we have a LEGAL SYSTEM. You know, that pesky system which prevents innocent people from being unfairly exicuted. Or, which puts legal reasoning, above ignorant mob-rule.


"potential life-long medical problems and emotional scarring associated with abortions."


Pure republican propoganda. There is no evidence to support any of this.


"Federalism concerns make a constitutional amendment protecting traditional marriage"


Didn't traditional marriage band inter-racial couples from marrying? Didn't it also treat women as property and make divorce illegal?


" Activist courts have ignored the principal legal argument that the state's interest in marriage is procreation."


Which is why we don't allow the elderly or infertile couples to marry. Give me a break. Do you listen to yourself talk?

"In the high school halls, in the shopping malls, conform or be cast out" ~ Rush, from Subdivisions

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I really don't like

I really don't like Republicans. Even the Tories aren't that bad!!