Expressing my Atheism Throu Psychology!

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Expressing my Atheism Throu Psychology!

Yep thats right im Atheist!!. . . Well more like Agnostic Atheist. . . My belief is that if there is no physical indisputable evidance of a God then i have no reason to believe in such, therefore i do not believe in the existance of a God. . .

This is my belief, but unfortunatly I do not have the power to prove to anyone that a God does not exist simply because i must relay on Knowledge, which is in fact a very unreliable source to argue such a claim, because Knowledeg is obtained by ones' individual life expeirence, that is over time converted into ones' perception. Our perceptions of reality are merely interpretations of objects and occurrences with the help of our nervous system. Our nervous system which regulates the body's responses to internal and external stimuli operates involuntarily.
Meaning. . . we have no control over how our conscious mind begins to develop. . .the mind develops its own consciousness and perception through a process of constant stimulation of external forces which vary from person to person. This explains why we all have different belief systems. . .

If our belief system is rooted deep within this involuntary natural process of mental development, this proves one thing. . . it is utterly impossible to prove the existance or non-existance of a God and of anything that we may regard as a reality, because no one individual can ever dismiss another's claim or belief as false if both are subjected to the same laws of conditioning.

My belief about God and reality is the inevitable result of my own involuntary natural development and so are yours. . .