To NAMI Stigmabusters on Rational Response Squad

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To NAMI Stigmabusters on Rational Response Squad

To NAMI Stigmabusters on Rational Response Squad


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Dear Sir or Madam,

  I am on a website called YouTube and make videos there. Recently a
group called Rational Response Squad posted a video to theists
implying that theism is a mind disorder. I am not contacting you on a
religious issue but a stigma issue. The Rational Response Squad
website is located here:
Their slogan is Fighting to Free Humanity from the Mind Disorder Known
as Theism.

RRS made a video called Togetherforpeace, GoldenGun85 and other RRS
Christian haters

I made a response called:
Theism is not inherently a mind disorder.

I will not link to you a video I had titled with cusswords. I am sorry
I did that and it does not show well on someone trying to combat

Today I made a video comparing RRS calling theists delusional and
mentally ill to the Barry Goldwater/FACT magazine case that spurred on
the Goldwater rule by the APA:

I realize you deal with subjects in conventional media such as radio,
television, and newspapers. I have been a subscriber to your
newsletter on stigmabusting for a few years now. I have previously
contacted regarding my local Halloween store selling a costume called
"Mental Patient" that featured a striaght jacket. At that time you
told me to contact my local NAMI chapter.

I appreciate your time and thank you for reading this letter.

Melinda Smith =^..^=

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Sapient wrote: This is why

Sapient wrote:
This is why some atheists, namely Richard Dawkins have pushed for legislation that would view indoctrination as child abuse. Religion should not be presented to someone until they reach the age of reason, doing so before hand is detrimental to the human mind, and can actually cause mental disorders that the person wouldn't have had otherwise.


I can attest to the veracity of this statement.  My early indoctrination led to all kinds of issues which I am in the process of resolving.  The process will likely last for the rest of my life.

The abused often grow up to become abusers.  In this regard, religion is no different except in one important area: We actually accept and even respect religion.

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Linuxkid27 wrote:

Psychiatry does more harm then good.

linuxkid -

I agree.  I don't have any personal experiences with this but I read way more than I have time for and there has been case after case of the ill effects of psychatric medications.  However, I don't see this as a reason to dismiss Sapient's argument.  Perhaps treatment of all mental disorders should be handled without drugs or with better ones however that doesn't mean mental disorders shouldn't be identified and labeled as such. 

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Linuxkid27 wrote: Labeling

Linuxkid27 wrote:

Labeling people mentally ill simply because they believe in something that you don't is simply arrogance and ignorance.

Duh.  And inferring that the reason we would call this a mental illness is "simply because they believe in something" that I don't believe in is extremely dishonest.  Fuck you, I read no further.

Don't put words in my mouth, you suck at it.  



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