Christmas Concert

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Christmas Concert

Interesting article from the NY Times:

I generally don't care what things like this are called and I'm always amazed how bent people get about these things. This particular town went overboard. The fact that they want the superintendent to be fired for suggesting a name change is beyond absurd.

Boy am I glad I don't live in New Hyde Park.

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Quote: But many in this

But many in this Nassau County community of single-family homes just over the border from Queens did not let the matter go at that.

I'd expect this from Jesusland, but Nassau County? Just a stone's throw away from the city? That's very scary.

Really, what's up with the persecution complex? They suggested the name change so it wouldn't imply discrimination against non-Christians, and somehow the jesusfags figured this was explicit discrimination against Christians.

Good night, funny man, and thanks for the laughter.

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Quote: “In the private


“In the private sector, a person who is out of touch with his bosses gets terminated, and we are the bosses here — not bin Laden over there,” said Brian Kerrane, gesturing toward Ms. Cohn. Mr. Kerrane, whose children attend one of the four elementary schools in the district, was cheered, just as the few people who stood to defend Ms. Cohn and the proposed change were loudly booed.


Nice..... real nice. Very Jesus like Mr. Kerrane.