Hamas Television start wants to be a Martyr. She's 11

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Hamas Television start wants to be a Martyr. She's 11


And here I thought Christian indoctrination was bad. This is sickening. She's just a child and they are using her to breed hatred.

If god takes life he's an indian giver

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Sadly this is no different

Sadly this is no different than Christianity during 20-30 years before the Crusades. Islam is going through the same stage that Christianity did then and it's an absolutely scary thing.

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Extremists frighten me

Extremists frighten me regardless of the source.  This reminds me of the Jesus Camp kids, but somehow it seems much more sophistcated. 


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Quote: "Of course," Saraa


"Of course," Saraa said. "It's something to be proud of. Every Palestinian citizen hopes to be a martyr."


Well...... can Israel just bomb them and say it was what was requested?


Sickening, you know at eleven she has had this beaten and brainwashed into her, no 'child' thinks this way. 

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My mother's been a martyr

My mother's been a martyr for 20 years. What's the biggie?