More on Genarlow Wilson

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More on Genarlow Wilson

I swear this kid is just getting the worst of it. I don't know if this was a blatant attempt to smear his character or what but give the kid a break.

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Considering the number of

Considering the number of people being harrassed by the DOJ and law enforcement for engaging in LEGAL sexual speech (pornographers, sex toy enthusiasts, swingers etc.), I find it absolutely unfathomable that a District Attorney is knowingly distributing child pornography, which is subject to immediate prosecution under current law, and that somehow there remains a question as to whether he's justified in his actions!

People go to jail under our current "child pornography" laws for the lack of an official document or a cross-reference for an explicit picture or video of a person whom anyone with one eye and half a brain can identify as being WELL over 18. In this case, all of the participants are KNOWN to be minors (who never signed release forms consenting to their images being distributed, by the way) and the DA should be punished as the child pornographer he clearly is. Just because he's a fuckstick who's trying to make the bad decisions of some teenaged kids out to be a sinister plot carried out by a monster.

This is a travesty, and I hope the DA does some fucking time over it, rather than just being disbarred and publicly disgraced... he deserves nothing less. If he had even an ounce of integrity, he'd at LEAST have employed some sort of blur or other effect to obscure the identities of the girls on the tape. They never claimed to be, nor were they ever victims, having participated consentually in the sex; and never having pressed charges. It was the State that went after Genarlow Wilson, and they've consistently dug in their heels to do whatever it took to make a sexual predator of a dumb-ass, hormone-riddled (and likely drunken) kid, in spite of popular opinion that Genarlow was a dumb-ass thinking with the wrong head, as opposed to the dangerous predator the DA would paint him to be. 

 It's just bullshit... my heart breaks for this kid.


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