MSNBC Journalist refuses to run Paris Hilton lead story

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MSNBC Journalist refuses to run Paris Hilton lead story

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Jarem Asyder
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I say bravo to her. Paris

I say bravo to her. Paris Hilton should be a nonstory all the time, I could care less about what some spoiled rich brat is doing. She can't sing. She can't act. She can't even make a good sex tape. Considering Bush commuted Libby's sentence and people are still dying in Iraq, Paris and lindsey and britney can all wait.

 Scarbourough and Geist are scumbags. Scarborough especially, he goes on about how people should be able to say whatever they want and then blasts people like rosie o' donnell.

 News channels need more reporters like Mica.

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That women needs a raise or

That women needs a raise or at least win some sort of award.

"Reports the News Award" maybe? Its just kinda sad that could be an award...

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I saw this on one of the

I saw this on one of the humor sites, and I say she is a hero. It's about bloody well time we shifted news focus off of "Alert: Benefer!" to "Alert: Country being run by old-money redneck maniacs!"

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Does anyone know what the

Does anyone know what the skanky hoe is even famous for?

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Sex tape?

Sex tape?

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This is a heinous error

This is a heinous error that must be corrected!  Paris Hilton is clearly the most important thing that has ever happened or will ever happen on this desolate chunk of rock.  Have you seen the savoir-faire of her clothing choice or the erudite ways in which she expresses her thoughts?  All the world should turn to this, the apex of human evolution, for our direction.  I shall no longer consider myself an American if she is no longer mentioned on the nightly news.

Oh wait, why do I keep hearing about this egocentric bitch?  Oh yeah, because the media moguls don't want us thinking about the half million dead in Iraq!

"Tis better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven." -Lucifer

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Haha, I saw this a week or

Haha, I saw this a week or two ago and nearly died laughing.  The part where she reaches for the cigarette lighter is television gold.