Idea to reach presidental canidates.

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Idea to reach presidental canidates.

I was going to suggest to flood CNN's Youtube "ask the canidates" videos. But that seems to have expired.

But, maybe we could start a Youtube "title" regarding "No Religious Test" and see if we cant get enough people to bump it up to #1 spots in certain Youtube catigories.

My suggestion would be that we focus on "No Religious Test" in regards to aksing the canidate how they feel about Non-Christian citizens, not just atheists, how they would feel about others outside their religion running for our highest offices. The point is to show other non-Christian citizens who watch it that they are at the back of the bus with atheists.

The Buddhist, Chinese Amerian, Vietnamise American, Native American, Jewish and any other born in this country has a right to run for our highest offices and CAN be apointed to the Supreme Court. This is not a demand for quotas. Just like any ellection, you have to win the votes, but the point is to raise awarness to all those who are legal citizens that there is nothing in the Constitution that says you must believe in Jesus to hold public office.

That is my suggestion.

1. Keep your video short.

2. Keep it polite

3. Historical referances to |"No Religious Test" "Treaty of Tripoly" welcome.

4. Even throw in another short question on other issues important to you to show common ground, such as the war, economics, health  care, fuel costs.

This is my suggestion. If we get enough people to partisipate it will make it harder for the canidates to ignore. THEISTS who value the the seperation of Church and State and value the rights of non-Christian citizens of all labels to compete and run for office should partisipate too.

What do you guys think? Any takers? Anyone intrested in helping me get this started? 

 A catchy title that would be universal would help bump up the numbers to the linked videos.

SUGGESTIONS? COMMENTS? This is just an idea, as I have seen in the past, the more you are active, the more the voice grows. It seems like a long road, and it is. But knowing where our voices where 6 years ago, compaired to where we are today, is amazing.

Lets beat that dead horse ""You can do it" and take America back from Christian revisionist and make "E-Pluribus Unum", mean something again.

Again, this is not exclusively an atheist venture. I am suggesting that all American citizens who do not hold the label "Christian" speak up and say, "I can hold office too if I get enough votes".




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