Nutters cliam Newton predicts end times in his writtings.

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Nutters cliam Newton predicts end times in his writtings.

And yet another stupid pathetic attempt to prop up myth with the fallacy of "this famous person said".

I just saw on CNN that in Isreal that writings discovered in Isreal show Issac Newton predicted in a letter that the "end" will come in 2060.

We know smart people can believe stupid things why should Newton be any different. In every generation of humanity there has been everyone from philosophers to scientists to theologians claiming to predict the "end'.

And time after time, generation after generation the predictions fail to materialize.

It is a simple observation to say, "the end will come". We see death in everything as part of nature. Science shows that 99% of the species once living on this planet, have died, why we should be any different is absurd. Newton was smart, no doubht, and contributed greatly to science. 

The ancient Egyptians were egineering masters and so mathmatically precise in their building people still study it today. But no one would claim that a master engineer building the pyrimids would know when the world would end.

The arabic world contributed to math as well. But again, no one would, or should claim that any of those people could predict the exact time the "world will end".

This kind of speculation is not only absurd, it is quite dangerous. Because religion seems to want to force the end to happen to falsely and mythologically start the beinging of a utopia. The problem is that this attitude comes at the expense of people who want no part of it.

Nature is going to continue to do what nature does. But this narrisistic crap that keeps popping up will distroy us. But not because of some anceint myth being real, but because when people want something so badly they will seek to make it happen.

To these consperisists and theologians and "oracle" worshipers. Please stop. Yes the ride called "life as we know it" will end at some point. But lets extend the ride as long as possible by avoiding bullshit, no matter who spews it.

Newton lived in a very superstitious age and as smart as he was, it does not suprise me in the least that he too, would dabble in this crap too. 

We cant stop a metor or comet from hitting us. We cant stop the sun from eventually dying. We cant stop evironmental disasters like hurricans or volcanos. But as a species, we prove ourselves to be the stupidest on the face of the planet when we lend any sembelance of credibility to garbage like this.

If any human cares about the longevity of the species then it is your responsibility to run away from distructive narrisistic ego driven crap like this. Crap like this gets people killed. It did with Jim Jones and Heavens Gate and Branch Dividians. Newton doesnt diserve a pass either. 

Newton was smart but was still a human still subject to human phycology and cultural influance.  

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I wonder if it was even him

I wonder if it was even him who wrote it - how did it wind up in Israel if so?