Lou Dobbs "Too much pulpit politicing"

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Lou Dobbs "Too much pulpit politicing"



The following are my comments:

Mitt Romney should understand why JFK and John Kerry said, "I will not use my artical of faith to legislate morality".

Yet now, both republicans and democrats are scattering to repeat Bush's successfull campain in 2000 and 04. All one has to do as a politician is invoke "God". And all one has to do to see how pointless this is is to look at the failing congress and white house. BOTH parties sell you fat through sappy stories out of the bible, then once in office, pork up bills and project their sectarian values on everyone.

We see the waste of money in both parties. So why would any citizen want to put the issue of religion in the hands of a politician. It is clear that those ellected may not have the same religion or same values as you. Which makes artical 6 "No religious test" is so vital to keeping America free from sectarian division, which unfortunatly today, seems to be the road we are headed down.

Everything from abortion, to condoms to immigration is being based, not on practical common agreement, but "My God(dem vs repub) said|". While both parties fail to see that the politician that gets in may not share the same "values" and may not share the same "God" interpretation.

We think we are free. But what most Americans are unware of is that they are buying fat, not substance. They are buying clechis, not action. Most Americans dont understand that what they really want is dominiance to be in charge. What most Americans dont understand is that all this "God" politicing is divisive and is superficial to problems, outside the issue of religion, could be delt with based on common consensus, not comon sect.

Most Americans both left and right want their version of "Jesus" sitting in office. We are not to the point of Al Quida vs Sunni vs Shiite, yet.  But the more Americans inject Jesus into goverment the closer to that point we grow day by day.

We must avoid this division to presurve everyone's freedom. Christians have an unfounded fear that some sort of demand for a neutral goverment is a demand to shut down churches. This is absurd and insulting.

It is because I value my own freedom that I must value that of someone outside the label I hold. But that is dependant on every citizen understanding that OUR goverment is not owned by one party or one religion and the only way to stop the division is to demand that politicians refrain from making their religion an advertisement to get votes.

When someone gets ellected, be they republican or democrate, they have a duty, not just to the people that voted for them, but to the Constitution. That founding law applies to every citizen, Jew, Chinese American, Hindu American, Atheist and Baptist or Catholic.

There are Conservitives and Liberals in all those labels above. We need to get back to treating our neighbors as individuals and demand that the nation not backslide into pre revolutionary law. If we dont, in a couple generations, maybe a few, we will have sectarian blood on our streets as well. The only way for us to avoid that is to keep religion and goverment seperate.

Please, no matter who you are, no matter weither you are a Christian, Muslim, Jew or atheist, we must show Americans, and the rest of the world that we, dispite our labels, live in a country that is great, by not letting labels divide us. We must vote on common consensous based on common law. We shouldnt seek to exclude others, but consider those outside our labels who share common intrest outside the issue of religion.

Freedom is not owned by Jesus, Allah, Yahwey, Vishnu, or atheists. Freedom is garunteed by OUR Constitution to every citizen. It is up to US to maintain that freedom by demanding OUR politicians stop using the divisive issue of what "God" is or "What God wants|".

I believe that your freedom is important. Mitt's freedom is, Robertson's freedom is and so is Brian Sapiant's freedom. But for us all to be free, we should no be so self centered to create "Us vs Them" politicians who say, "My Consirvitive God" has the right to make laws for everyone. We must avoid, "My Liberal Jesus has the right to make laws for everyone".

I am deeply concerned about the state of America and it's growing divide over a needless division based on an issue that should be left up to the individual. Freedom of religion does not mean the freadom to monopolize what an American is. A neutral goverment does not equal a godless country. Neutrality is vital to protect both the Conservitive and Liberal, both the Baptist and atheist.

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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