World Can't Wait needs our help, our Country needs our help!

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World Can't Wait needs our help, our Country needs our help!

I just got off the phone with Sunsara Taylor, my friend from World Can't Wait. She asked me to inform you about the October 5th effort to drive out the Bush regime. Today they proudly announced a full page spread in the NY times:

Sunsara will be making a brief appearance in an upcoming Carrier show as well.

Today, on page A19 of the New York Times is a striking full-page ad from the World Can?t Wait ? Drive Out the Bush Regime. I am proud to have my name included as one of the signers. As depicted in the ad, the world truly is on fire: wars, lies, torture, Katrina, theocracy. The crimes of the Bush Regime must be brought to a halt!

Just as boldly, this full-page ad puts a challenge to us all. We cannot passively hope to wait this out or throw all of our hopes, energies and resources into an ?opposition? party that each day is conciliating further with this direction. We must step out of our normal routines and wage resistance powerful enough to bring the Bush regime crimes to a HALT!

October 5th is the day.

Imagine if, from out of the huge reservoir people who are deeply distressed by this regime, a great wave were unleashed, moving together on this day ? making, through their firm stand and their massive numbers, a powerful political statement that could not be ignored: refusing that day to work, or walking out from work, walking out of school ? joining together, rallying and marching, drawing forward many more, and in varied forms of creative and meaningful political protest, making it known that they are determined to bring this whole disastrous course to a halt by driving out the Bush Regime through the mobilization of massive political opposition.

If this is done, then the possibility of turning things around and onto a much more favorable direction would take on a whole new dimension of reality. It would go from something only vaguely hoped for, by millions of isolated individuals, and acted on by thousands so far, to something that had undeniable moral force and unprecedented political impact.

This is a challenge we must all take up. Each of us.

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World Can't Wait needs our help, our Country needs our help!

Awesome, what exactly is going to happen on the 5th?