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My Faith

There was a recent post informing MySpace group members of a Washington Post monthly feature titled On Faith.

Here's the description from the Washington Post website:

Share your story of spirituality -- a time of crisis that tested your faith, the person who most influenced your beliefs, or a life-changing event that shaped your spiritual identity. When has your faith helped you forge a connection with a stranger? How did you worship when you were a child? Email your story of 400 words or less to and include a daytime phone number.

Why don't we submit some essays about how we lost our faith or for those of us that never had it, a criticism of unreason?

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My Faith

This is actually a really good idea. the "danger zombies" use mass mailing all the time to get themselves heard in the media and even to badger politicians/corporations/media outlets into taking their side (i.e. the Dan Rather debacle). i'm not saying we should badger anybody....but a bit of literary chaos in the mailbag couldn't hurt.

what's the motherfucking deadline, holmes?

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