Easter fun?

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Easter fun?

Every year all the churches in the East Texas area throw a massive egg hunt for all the little kids, anyones welcome to donating eggs with candy and anything else inside that they'd like, last year the got around 4000 eggs; few hundred kids.

This year, me n' the wife plan on picking a few hundred  of those crappy plastic eggs, printing out messages like "Jesus had to exist to be resurected, silly," "God doesn't exist," and the like in the eggs and donate them 100 at a time or so with diffrent friends donating each batch. 

What does everyone think? I could add "rationalresponders.com" in small text at the bottom of the paper slips if you guys are up for it :P 

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That would be funny and you

That would be funny and you just might encourage someone to doubt religion. I would put something like, "Do yourself a favor and become atheist" or "There's no evidence that Jesus ever existed" or "SURPRISE! Jesus never existed"


People who think there is something they refer to as god don't ask enough questions.

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I would stick with simple

I would stick with simple messages like "God Doesn't Exist."  A parent or minister will probably just toss it but you could always have a child old enough to read or maybe an older brother or sister of the egg finder that might see it and think, or start too... Smiling