Priests strike !

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Priests strike !

Oh my God, I think I've laughed my ass off reading the following links. They're Romanian, however, so I won't expect you to understand what they say (I'll post them, should anyone understand):
To translate and summarize, the news would say like this:
"200 Romanian priests and nuns have been on strike for 6 days, refusing to eat or go home, because the officials have refused to take down the construction allowance of a tall building that places the Saint Joseph Cathedral of Bucharest in jeopardy. A church official has declared that the Romanian president Traian Basescu and the Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu assume full responsibility for that building, and that the corrupt and atheist Bucharest officials must be denounced to the highest authority, the Pope. Romanian authorities declared they have nothing to comment on the topic, even after large protest and ample manifestations, including a Christian concert on the very spot where two saints (Pope John Paul the 2nd and Mother Theresa) have once stood to preach."

For the first time ever, I'm glad to live in this country Smiling Hope the president doesn't fail the hopes of Romanian atheists.