Churh school in UK changes name of 3 little pigs

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Churh school in UK changes name of 3 little pigs


A church school in England renamed "The 3 Little Pigs" into "The 3 Little Puppies" to avoid offending Moselems.


1. The vast majority of Moselems won't be offended by a STORY about pigs, they are simply forbidden to eat pork.

2. Dogs are considered unclean animals to Moselems

3. Ummm.... Why exactly would a wolf be trying to eat puppies (a very close relative species-wise!)

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They should change the name

They should change the name to The 3 little pussies.

 Just kidding, but that was interesting.

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This decision was over

This decision was over turned!


However, council education spokesman Jim Dodds told BBC Five Live the decision had been overturned.

He said: "There is something barmy going on here and it has happened on my watch.

"I can tell you now that the three little pigs will be back into the school musical festival.

"The decision (to ban the pigs) was made by well-meaning people - it was the wrong decision, so let's stick with the traditions."

The full article is here

But as far as i know this decision still stands:,,2-2005450600,00.html
The banning of novely pig calenders and toys in a council office.

I Just don't understand the mentality behind complaing about this kind of thing.

But in England we have a policy of "So what ever Muslims say and then appologise to them, repeatedly." Its just stupid!

Not that all Muslims are like this of course, I have a few Muslim friends and none of them have ever attempted to push their beliefs or culture on me.

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PCness can be so retarded

PCness can be so retarded over here.
Apparently there was talk of tampering "Baa baa black sheep" because of racism... they added another verse with "Baa baa white sheep" instead to make it 'fair'...