CNN reported Pete Stark as an atheist.

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CNN reported Pete Stark as an atheist.

I missed the story but caught the teaser this morning.

Why did it take 4 days for CNN to report Dem House member Pete Stark as the first open atheist?

Anywho, its about time.


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I think the Stark thing will

I think the Stark thing will be a sleeper. Not much attention right away, but it will build over time as we mention it constantly. I think many Christian leaders are just trying to formulate a response.

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Honestly, I'm dissapointed

Honestly, I'm dissapointed with the press release job the SCA did.  The day the news hit, hardley anybody new about it.  Pete Stark didn't do a media interview, nothing.  If I had been the PR manager for the SCA, I would have done things differently.  But the gravity of the event will has caused waves that will not go unnoticed.

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It is probably just as well

It is probably just as well he didn't do a media interview - which surely his critics would have seized upon as a ploy for attention.  Let the irrational naysayers create the stir - much as they did in the backlash to taking "under god" out of the Pledge

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