Should i send a response to this letter to the editor?

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Should i send a response to this letter to the editor? wrote:
Reading the Feb. 9 article about Valentine's Day, it astonished me how much attention is paid to frivolous gift ideas, and how little or no attention is paid to the meaning of the holiday.


Do people understand that this is an ancient occultic fertility rite? From its origins as "Lupercalia" and human sacrifices, to its later days of goat and dog sacrifices, it was named "St. Valentine's Day" around the 496 A.D.


February occurred later on the ancient Roman calendar than it does today so Lupercalia was held in the spring. Sweets and flowers were given as sacrifices to the gods in temples during this holiday, and drunken orgies were also part of the tradition.


Today, Valentine's Day is conveniently placed on the calendar 13 days after the pagan night of human sacrifice, Imbolg (Feb. 1). Thirteen is the most important number in the occult; in numerology the number 13 represents rebellion.


The question you have to ask yourself is this: "Is it all right to partake in a pagan ritual?" Doesn't the Bible say in Jeremiah, Chapter 10, "Learn not the way of the heathen"?


Valentine's Day is a completely pagan holiday concealed in shiny red wrapping.




So this is in my newspaper today, i am wondering and kinda wanting to send a letter to the editor in response. I do not know if this is a good and/or worth it. So i am asking the rational response community for opinons.





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Go for it man!

Go for it man!