The Open Source Atheist website launch

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The Open Source Atheist website launch

Dear Fellow Atheist,

We have created and launched a new website called "The Open Source
Atheist".  The premise behind this site is to give a transparent
platform for the Atheist community to develop projects and publications
for the advance of modern Atheism.  These projects will be developed and
distributed using the same principles found in Open Source (OS) software
development. This means that volunteers can contribute to projects and
the end result is free to use, modify and distribute, as long as any
modifications are distributed OS as well.  Here is a Wikipedia entry on
the subject:

Please read over the home page of our website, then login to the forums
and leave a comment showing support or criticisms.  This project will
only work if you and the rest of the Atheist community take part!

All the Best,

- The Open Source Atheist
[email protected]