Save me from theists running my state

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Save me from theists running my state

Wow, all the top stories in the newspapers are about republicans gaining ground and doing religious activities. They are using the war on terror, and events happening in the states to promote a more religious based goverment. Here is a direct quote from a mayor in Westlake, Ohio:

"This nation, this country, this city recognizes that God and government aren't seperate and they should not be seperate."

Lately, these local republicans are stating that the founding fathers created this country to be based on religion, and be run by religious thinkers.

This is bad, all very bad. If people like this have power over the goverment, then they can place that power over us. I say, we need to vote more for people who are not like that. I will admit that some athiests are not qualified to run in office, but a mayor that says that church and state need to be combined, we need to get him out now.

So i say that when it comes to voting in November, everyone needs to vote.

Also, does anyone have an information on any Athiests in goverment positions that are cleary open about their beliefs to their public?